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10 Most Affordable Home Modifications You Need to Perform before Your Retirement

You’re going to retire, and you’re considering settling down in the suburbs of Cupertino City. However, you might want to think about modifying some of your property sections to boost their worth and make the place livable within your limited means before you permanently move in. Check out the top 10 upgrades that will not go beyond your budget.

  1. Roof Repair or Replacement

The majority of retired homeowners don’t like the idea of buying a house and then having to invest additional money in it right away. If the age of your roof is getting close to the end, think about replacing it. The national median cost of replacing a metal roof is very high, and it increases the value of your home by a nominal margin.

The easiest and least expensive option to restore your roof’s strength is to re-roof or repair it. During re-roofing, a fresh layer of shingles is applied over your old ones to restore the appearance of your roof and add a layer of protection that will help stop water leaks from entering your loft walls even if the ceiling is sloped.

The worn-out shingles are removed from your roof during a full replacement, revealing the deck. The deck is then covered with an underlayment or felt paper to help protect it from external elements and water. Subsequently, the fresh shingles are put on top of the felt paper or underlayment to establish a roof that will last for at least a decade.

  1. Deck Addition

A home with a great outdoor area is a boon to the retired homeowner. Even if there are only a few warm months in your neighborhood each year, he will likely spend quality time on his property deck to take advantage of the nice weather and scenic landscape surrounding the property area. Consider including a new deck on your list of home improvements if your house doesn’t already have one. A wooden deck extension will be an excellent idea. If you choose to build a composite deck, you may go over budget.

  1. Replacing the Garage Door

Think about having a new garage door built as part of your home renovation project if your current one is noticeably damaged and rusted. By doing so, you can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its lifespan. The average cost of a garage door replacement in the city is not much, making it a reasonably affordable home improvement.

  1. Minor Kitchen Modifications

The kitchen is considered to be the most significant area in the home. Consequently, it should be a top priority on your home improvement list if you can’t recall the last time it was upgraded. A mid-range modest kitchen remodel will not cost you a fortune.

You should focus on the most eye-catching features, such as countertops, cabinets, outlets, appliances, backsplash, and flooring since a kitchen remodel is frequently the most sought-after home renovation for a retired person who would like to spend time mostly here experimenting on a variety of dishes.  Try to restore what you already have before spending money on brand-new enhancements since sometimes a fresh coat of paint or some little sanding can make all the difference.

  1. Major Kitchen Remodel

You may choose to invest in a large kitchen renovation if yours is in such horrible shape that a minor kitchen remodels simply won’t do. This kind of home improvement job would probably require a bulk investment. If not all, some distinct changes include a mid-range kitchen renovation in addition to something more complex, like altering the room’s layout entirely to a more practical, open setup. An average large kitchen renovation may cost you substantially. However, it will significantly raise the value of your home.

  1. Remodel your Bathroom

Updating your bathroom as part of a home makeover will raise your property’s value if it currently has a pink tile stripping the walls or a blue tub installed a decade back. A mid-range bathroom redesign in California does not cost much. Besides, you will enjoy ample free time that you didn’t get when you were preoccupied. Execute this home renovation job carefully because it’s vital but may not be the most rewarding. We at Fields Remodeling, suggest including a wow element, such as a lovely tile accent, a tall glass shower enclosure, or a gorgeous vanity.

  1. Bathroom Addition

There was typically only one bathroom in older homes with several bedrooms. You found this arrangement to be ideal during your active life because you had a transferable job that required you to move from place to place across the country along with your family members. Now that you have retired and want to settle down on your ancestral property, a single bathroom will not be sufficient for the whole family, with aging parents are also willing to stay with you.


  1. Installing Stone Veneer

By adding manufactured stone veneer on top of your current siding, you may transform the front exterior of the house into the most extravagant sight on the street. It’s seldom what it seems to be when you see siding that seems like solid pieces of granite, limestone, or any other natural stone. Most of the time, it is a thin veneer of molded concrete that has been colored with iron oxides to resemble real stone. The veneer pieces are given a texture by the molds that closely resemble that of actual stone. These veneers are nearly identical to solid stone when perfectly fitted.

  1. Master Suite Addition

You’ve managed just fine without a master suite all these years, but now when you have decided to move into your Cupertino home permanently, you need to add a master bedroom. Build a new master bedroom suite with a private bath, walk-in closet, and dressing space. This space is also known as the owner’s suite. A master bedroom suite is a spacious bedroom with a separate bathroom that is accessible right from the bedroom. However, in older homes, there isn’t enough space in the suite for anything more than a private bath.

  1. Siding Replacement

The first impression of the home is derived from the shape of the siding. Choosing the appropriate siding colors may create all the difference. Your siding may survive more than 20 years, based on the material and the quality of installation. It’s fantastic news because siding might need a substantial expenditure on home remodeling.

Homeowners may, however, take their siding for granted because it takes so long for replacements. The truth is that if you want to safeguard the interior and foundation of your home, all siding will inevitably need to be replaced. However, both the sort of siding that is suitable for your home and the person who should install it are significant considerations. In this respect, you can have free consultations with Fields Remodeling, a distinguished remodeler in Cupertino, CA.


Although the economy is currently in a slump, relocating to your home after retirement is still a wise decision since you have something to fall back on if things become bad. Visit our website at if you require exceptional, guaranteed service from pros at a cost that fits within your budget.


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