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Benefits of carb cycling diet meal plan

Carb cycling is a type of diet plan in which the amount of carb intake is planned for alternate days, weeks, or months. For example- in this diet, you first take a high-carb diet for a few days, then a low-carb diet for another few days, or vice versa. This circle keeps on going with proper planning. In a carb cycling diet plan the intake of carbs is decided based on diet goals, workout plans, and ability of the body. This diet gives various benefits to you. The benefits are-  

  • Helps in Weight Loss

A carb cycling diet is an effective way of reducing body weight. Our body gets all the fuel for functioning from carbs. When you don’t take many carbs, the body burns the fat to get the energy. When fat burns out, you lose weight. Similarly, a high-carb diet should be adopted during the days of heavy workouts. It fulfills the energy requirements for the workout and manages the nutritional requirements of the body. A carb cycle diet manages the metabolic activity of your body to help in weight loss. 

  • Give relief from type 2 Diabetes

A carb cycle diet helps in maintaining the sugar level. When you intake a low or moderate amount of carbs, the blood sugar level remains stable. During high-carb days, workouts stabilize blood sugar levels. Therefore, this diet is very beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes. 

  • Improve athletic performance

Athletes also prefer to have a carb cycle plan. This plan helps them in managing weight and calories during active and rest days. Players take a high-carb diet during heavy workout days. While during the rest period to maintain the weight, they switch to a low-carb diet. Carb cycle diets are also taken for muscle gain. There is various carb cycling diet plan who wants to gain muscles at the gym.

  • You can modify the diet plan

A carb cycle diet is not very rigid. You can modify it according to your activity schedule. Notably, workouts are very important during active days otherwise you gain weight. Being on low carb is very beneficial for quick weight loss. Hence, you can stay on the low carb as per body resistance. You can anyway modify the plan. 

  • Two-way benefit

A carb cycle diet plan offers the benefits of both low carb and high carb diet. A low-carb diet helps in weight loss and reduces calorie intake. While a high-carb diet aids you in heavy workouts. It is also beneficial for managing cholesterol and a healthy heart. 

The carb cycling diet gives benefits of both low-carb and high-carb diets. According to the dietary goals, you can decide on low-carb and high-carb diet days. As the benefits of this diet plan are two-fold, athletes and normal people both can refer to it. The best part about a carb cycling diet is that it not only reduces weight but also gives various other health benefits. Notably, this diet requires proper planning. Hence, it is advisable to consult a dietitian to plan a carb cycling diet. 


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