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Complete Guidance on Last Minute Home Relocation in Whitefield

Moving is one of those thankless tasks that we all would like to avoid or at least complete in the shortest possible time.

The good news is that even if some of the discomforts are practically inevitable, with a good organization, you can really save a lot of time to devote to a well-deserved rest in your new home. If you organize well, you can save a lot of time on the last-minute move.

To make a move in a short time- it is forbidden to postpone

It seems trivial, but to move in a short time, it is important to get to work immediately! Don’t wait until the last moment; start as soon as possible.

In fact, haste does not save time; on the contrary. If you start now, you will have a good chance to organize yourself better and take fewer hours.

 Moving is faster if you divide your belongings by room

Forget complicated subdivisions by type; you would waste more time thinking about which category to attribute each object to than packing it.

Do not write the content above each box, but simply the room it belongs to. Your memory will help you remember exactly which room each object was placed in – at least the ones in everyday use.

Keep out what you need for last-minute cleaning.

If you have not hired a company to clean the new house (or the old one, in case you need to make it in good condition for the new tenants), remember to leave the cleaning facilities outside. Cleaning products you don’t need can be stowed away, but keep what you think you will need right away.

To make a move faster, throw away as much as you can

The secret to moving quickly has as few items to carry as possible. Easy right?

However, it’s best not to put off the thankless chore of deciding what to keep and what to throw away until the day you pack your stuff.

Think about it a few weeks before. Any item you haven’t needed in the last month (apart from the ones that have obvious seasonal use!) You can throw it away or give it away.

Ask a friend to keep the dog and hire a babysitter for the children.

If you think you can get by in a short time, even with your pet walking around sniffing the boxes and with the kids getting excited about the new home, forget it.

You already know what will happen. Do yourself a favor: leave your pets in an animal boarding house (or ask a friend to keep them there for a few hours) and hire a babysitter to keep the children there until everything arrives safely in the new home.

You will save several hours (and you will be able to understand what you are doing).

For a faster move, make a list of your valuables.

Some companies, for insurance reasons, require you to make a detailed list of what is transported to the new home.

As we have said, the reason is that in case of loss, the value of the object is compensated by the insurance. It is, therefore, not necessary to take a detailed census of all your belongings.

Are there any items you particularly care about?

Make a list of the items you care about most and give it to the moving company. They will be happy because they will have a clear idea of ​​what things are important to them and will be able to pay particular attention to particularly fragile and/or expensive objects.

Is the time for the move really short? Remember to eat!

Are you so nervous that you forgot when the last time you had a proper meal was? It’s time to get in the kitchen!

First of all, you will need the energy to face the great task of unpacking the boxes, but above all, in this way, you can dispose of as much food as possible and avoid having to carry on your lap a box full of perishable products that then (you know it too) you will end up to throw.

With all these tips, you can make your last-minute move easy. The professional Packers and Movers in Whitefield can also make your last-minute move with their complete packing and moving assistance.


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