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How to Order Non-Veg and Get Food Delivery in Train?

Food and Travel are inseparable and intertwining aspects of our life. Now and then, everyone has to travel. Indian Railways, being the largest commuting network, helps many passengers travel to their destinations daily. However, people who tend to travel on a regular basis face one concern Food. With the advent of technology, every Indian railway passenger can now order food from the comfort of their seats using the RailRestro app.

Obviously, the food preferences of the Indian Railway Passengers differ from one another. That is the diversity of the Indian Sub-continent. With these many states, different cultures and traditions coexist beautifully. With the RailRestro app, everyone gets an opportunity to savour their favourite food delights. Now getting delightful, hygienic yet preferred food delivery in train is now easy and simple.

Not just any food, you can get your favourite Non-veg travel khana while travelling on your train. Read on to know the easiest way to get delicious non-veg cuisines on the train.

Is Non-veg Food Delivery in Train Possible?

Absolutely! Gone are the days when passengers had the option to choose specific foods on train. What seemed impossible earlier has now become possible. RailRestro, India’s famous train food delivery app, continuously makes Indian Railways commuters happy and satisfied with its breakthroughs. Every passenger can now order food on track while they are travelling on trains. Even they can Order bulk food order in train.

Not just any food, even Non-vegetarian food delivery in train is very much possible. RailRestro, empowering thousands of FSSAI approved restaurants, is delivering India’s best-loved non-veg food in train. FSSAI – The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an organization under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare that approves food and hygienic standards of the restaurants and their food. RailRestro is only and completely serving food from such FSSAI approved restaurants. You can understand RailRestro’s dedication from this. So not just any food, you can now order your preferred Non-veg travel khana while you travel on the railways.

Can I Get Non-Veg Food in Train?

The best safety and simple features of the RailRestro made it a frontrunner for food delivery on trains. That is why IRCTC collaborated with RailRestro and allowed them to serve the Indian Railways. So what can be a better option to order Non-veg food in train than the RailRestro itself! From a wide range of restaurant options in the RailRestro catalogue, you can order non-veg food delivered to your seat or berth.

So getting your preferred non-veg food at your train’s seat is not just a mere possibility. It is an exclusive food on track experience to the Indian Railway fraternity. Beyond the travelling and timing barriers, you have now access to the best non-vegetarian cuisines of India that you can order as you wish. Now the important question you need an answer for is “how to order it”, right? The answer is simple.

 How to Order Non-Veg food in Train?

Thanks to the endeavours of the Railrestro, this has become utter simple and uber fun. With just your PNR number and train number, you can order non-veg food from the Railrestro mobile application or the website.

The unique Passenger Number Record – PNR offered to you during your train ticket booking is enough. The PNR and the train number you are travelling in empower you to get your wanted non-veg Food in train. You can advance book your food delivery on trains, or you can order while you are travelling. Anyway, you are bound to enjoy your favourite non-veg delights and delicacies as you travel to your destination.

Ordering From RailRestro Website:

  • Login to the RailRestro website
  • Enter your PNR and the respective Train number
  • You will see a plethora of restaurants and food delivery options to get food from
  • Choose the Non-veg option in the filter. Doing this will exclusively show best and only non-veg food options.
  • Choose the food you look forward to having on the train.
  • Provide the details of the seat or berth number.
  • A simple, seamless payment gateway awaits you to complete the payment.
  • Besides that, you can also choose to pay by hand at the time of the delivery.
  • Accordingly, complete the transaction for non-veg food in train.
  • Now sit back, relax, and your non-veg travel khana is on its way that will treat your tummy soon.
  • You can make an advance food delivery booking as well.

Ordering Non Veg Food From the RailRestro Mobile Application:

Ordering from the Railrestro mobile application is simpler.

  • Fill in the PNR and train number details.
  • You can choose the Non-veg option in the filters.
  • Choose your favourite food you would like to have during your train journey from a wide list of options.
  • Fill up your name and seat or berth number details.
  • Finally, you can pay online through the dedicated payment gateway.
  • You can also choose to pay in cash when your food reaches you.
  • Your ordering is complete, and you will receive your food at the earliest period.
  • While you await your meal, check the status of your food by the food on track option available in the application.

 Some of the Non-Veg items you can Order on Train

The following are some of the Non-veg items you can get to order depending upon the time you are ordering:

Non-Veg Thali

Depending on which Indian state you are in and ordering from, the items of the thali vary. If you order north Indian thali, you will get rotis. If you order south Indian thali, you will get curries, pickles and dal and fryums. But when you choose Non-veg thali, you will surely receive one mouthwatering non-veg curry like chicken curry, dehati chicken fry curry etc., with the RailRestro app.

 Chicken Biryani

It is also famous with its name, Murg Biryani. A dish made out with a lot of spice mix, basmati rice and meat. It is cooked to perfection until all the spices blend in and add flavours to the meat and rice. Different states add different twists to their Biryani. You get to taste the chicken biryani for lunch or dinner by ordering from the RailRestro.

Mutton Kheema with Rotis/Naans

It is a dinner special. You can order Mutton Kheema along with rumali or rotis or naans. Mutton Kheema is minced goat meat with the butter and spice mix until it’s tender. Melting in the mouth delicacy, mutton kheema, along with Naans and Rotis, will surely make your tummy and heart full at the same time.

You can order such wide non-veg varieties and enjoy your meal as and when it reaches your seat/berth. Once you have ordered your wanted meal, you can also track your order depending upon the time of the day.

The option of tracking the status of food on train is revolutionary. Order food, and then you can check where your food is right now. It keeps you updated and assures you that you will have your food without delay or lapse in the delivery. When the food reaches you, pay if not paid earlier. In the wake of COVID, a contactless delivery option is recently made available in the RaiRestro application and website.

Experience the Endless Endeavors of the RailRestro

India’s most lovable food delivery on train app is serving their wanted non-veg food in train to many commuters, as you read now. Beyond the boundaries and barriers, you get to taste your loving non-veg food as you travel to your destination. Always enjoy the comfort of non-veg food delivery in train by just resting cosily at your seat or berth.

We know that you are in pursuit of your dreams and the process of your journey. So make your journey more memorable and easier with the best non-veg food delivery while travelling in the Indian Railways.

Have a great travelling in train experience. Best non-veg food awaits you as you travel in the Indian Railways every day.

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