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Know Why Choosing Dairy Vinyl Panels Help You Yield Better Results


Nothing could be more important than ensuring the safe consumption of dairy products. Millions of consumers rely on dairy products for improvised strength and immunity. For that, milk production premises need round-the-clock maintenance and supervision. Negligence towards maintenance imposes a serious toll on milk production and packaging. PVC dairy wall panels have carved a niche in the global market today. The prevalence of PVC panels has eradicated the concerns of structural damage and biological disorders. A milk packaging premise stays hygienic for many years by installing PVC panels. 


Have you ever wondered how a dairy parlor would function without proper cleanliness measures? It will eventually degrade milk’s quality and affect the health of dairy animals. Besides, it takes a huge toll on workers’ well-being. What proactive step is required for the complete safety of a dairy parlor? Protecting the dairy parlor with PVC wall panels is the answer to all your concerns. PVC wall panels are the modern-age paneling for every commercial and residential project. They are designed with 100% virgin vinyl that provides unmatchable strength and robustness to the PVC wall panels. No conventional panels can match the quality and authenticity of PVC wall panels. 

PVC Wall Panels Keeps Moisture Intrusion at the Bay 

Dairy parlors face major setbacks due to constant moisture absorption. Lack of well-ventilated spaces and dehumidification are the key reasons behind the dampness. An effective way to combat dampness permanently is to acquire PVC panels. Dairy FRP panels would be a complete disaster as they are integrated with a backer. On the other hand, PVC wall panels are backer-free materials that do not permit moisture to grow inside the premise. 

Antimicrobial Panels-Ensure 100% Sanitized Dairy Parlor 

Microbes are extremely detrimental to areas dealing with food processing and packaging. The presence of microbes undoubtedly leads to the unsafe consumption of milk. Installing PVC wall panels gives you excellent antimicrobial properties. These panels have an antibacterial coating that does not permit bacteria, molds, and microbes to grow inside the panels. 

Long-Lasting Panels- Easy Maintenance 

Investing in PVC panels would not make you feel regretful later. Their long-lasting property eliminates the need for repairs and replacements. These panels have a superior lifespan of around 40-45 years, which is amazing. They can even stay flawless for more than 100 years. Furthermore, occasional maintenance is done. You can gently clean up the PVC panels with mild soap or detergent. As a result, no scratches or dents appear on the PVC panels. 

Final Words 

Duramax PVC Panels has been catering the paneling needs for more than 40 years. They are ideal for retrofitting old and new room construction. Duramax PVC panels are based on a unique webbed Truss design that gives a competitive edge to conventional panels. Duramax PVC panels are dispatched to your location in just two weeks at factory-priced rates. 

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Duramax PVC Wall Panels are one of the premier providers of PVC wall panels in the USA. You can contact 323-991-7507 and book your free consultation today. Buy PVC wall panel online now.



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