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Managing stress when moving to a new location

Are you determined to move?

Moving, whether wanted or forced, is always an internal shock. You may even experience a sense of euphoria at the thought of moving.

We will not destroy it, but you can solve the lion’s share of future problems at the preparation stage and protect yourself from unnecessary troubles.

Take some goodies with you- Analyze your daily life and identify important household “strongholds” in it. It can be especially favorite things: a favorite book read a million times, a perfect shampoo.

All this you will miss in a new place. Think about what you want to take with you or buy immediately upon arrival.

A nice trinket, a spare bottle of your favorite product, or an old blanket will not take up much space in your suitcase, but it will give you a sense of security and cheer you up in a new country.

Put things in order- When leaving, do not leave unfinished business. Meet everyone you want to meet, keep those promises you haven’t kept yet, and clean your room well.

Throw away everything that you no longer need: old notes and notebooks, broken things, and clothes that you don’t like from the closet.

If you do not take an item with you, you are unlikely to ever want to use it again. What’s left at home shouldn’t make you feel like a dump.

Get out of the house- The world around became suddenly incomprehensible; even habitual actions like going to the grocery store or to the hairdresser became complex communicative acts. You often feel helpless because you can hardly cope with even the simplest tasks. The desire to go out every day is less and less.

But you can’t give in to it. Isolation can turn a sense of incomprehensibility into a persistent sense of hostility from the outside world. Explore a new city, go to a museum, a cafe, a concert, or just for a walk, even if you have to drag yourself by force.

Unusual doesn’t mean bad- The world has become unusual, and this is depressing. It seems that at home, it was better, even if this is objectively not the case.

But the new location also has its advantages; you just have to try to notice it. Maybe you like the climate, or the bakery on the corner sells especially delicious buns.

Think about hobbies- Changing your place of residence is not a reason to give up your favorite activities. For example, after moving, you may sign up for a fitness club.

If your hobby requires consumables, bring everything you need with you. Suddenly you will not immediately find a suitable store.

This also applies to books. Of course, you would like to take your entire library with you, but then you would go broke on transportation, so you had to limit yourself to only your favorite books and a whole stack of new ones.

Being able to do what you love will allow you to maintain a sense of stability despite all the changes.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself- Active self-care will help to cope with decadent moods and look at the environment a little more objectively and clearly.

The main thing is not to demand too much from yourself at once, give yourself time to get used to and adapt to new conditions, be attentive to yourself and your feelings, do not judge yourself for them, and then you will definitely cope with all the difficulties and surprises.

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