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How to Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Outlook is a popular email client used by millions of users worldwide. It is an essential tool that helps manage email, contacts, calendars, and other features. However, sometimes users may experience issues with Outlook, such as crashes or freezes, which can disrupt their workflow. In such cases, starting Outlook in Safe Mode can help troubleshoot and fix the problem. In this article, we will guide you on how to open Outlook in Safe Mode.

What is Safe Mode in Outlook?

Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode that disables all add-ins and extensions in Outlook. It allows users to start Outlook with a minimal set of features and configurations, which helps identify and resolve any issues or errors with the software.

How to Open Outlook in Safe Mode?

Here’s how you can open Outlook in Safe Mode:

Step 1: Close Outlook if it’s already running.

Step 2: Press and hold the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and double-click on the Outlook icon. Alternatively, you can go to the Start menu and search for “Outlook.exe/safe” and press “Enter.”

Step 3: You’ll see a prompt asking you to confirm if you want to open Outlook in Safe Mode. Click on “Yes.”

Step 4: Once you’re in Safe Mode, you can identify the source of the problem. If Outlook works fine in Safe Mode, the issue may be with one of the add-ins or extensions. To fix it, you can disable add-ins one by one and restart Outlook to check which one is causing the problem.

Step 5: If Outlook still doesn’t work correctly in Safe Mode, you can try repairing the Office installation. To do this, go to the Control Panel, select “Programs and Features,” locate Microsoft Office, and click on “Change.” Choose the “Repair” option, and follow the on-screen instructions.


Opening Outlook in Safe Mode is an effective way to troubleshoot and fix problems with the email client. It’s a quick and easy process that can save you a lot of time and effort in resolving issues with Outlook. By following the steps mentioned above, you can start Outlook in Safe Mode and identify and fix any issues with the software.


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