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Secure Your Legal Documents With Notary Public Services In Singapore

The notary system plays a significant role in securing your legal documents. A notary public in Singapore is important for businesses and individuals who need to authenticate and legalize documents for use in other countries or for other official purposes. It involves the process of verifying the authenticity of a document, signature, or identity of the person signing the document. We have trained notary public that are trained to verify the identity of signatories and confirm that the document was signed freely and voluntarily without any undue influence or coercion. In the recent time, to make legalize your document this becomes important for everyone to notarize documents in Singapore.

What Is Notarization?

Notarization is the process where our notary public verifies the accuracy of a document or signature by attaching your official seal or signature to the document. This process is required to ensure that your document is legally bidding and recognized by the authority so you can easily use your document without any issue in the legal process. If you are looking for the best Legalisation of documents Singapore, let us connect with us.

The Importance Of Notary Publics In Singapore

Notary publics play a crucial role in ensuring the legality and authenticity of various documents and transactions in Singapore. At Prasanna Devi, you will get the best notary public in Singapore, we are recognized by the government and helped since a long time to act as impartial witnesses and certify the validity of signatures, identities, and documents. There is various role our notary public play;

  • Certifying Signatures- We have long experience in this field. We certify the authenticity of the document. This involves verifying the identity of the signatory and ensuring that your document has been signed properly.  Our notary uses an official seal and signature to attest to the validity of the signature.
  • Attesting to Document Copies- In some cases, you will need certified copies of important documents. We verify the whole process and compare the copy with the original document and certify that they are accurate and complete. This can be helpful in situations such as applying for visas or submitting legal paperwork.
  • Witnessing Transactions- We can also act witnesses for various types of transactions, such as real estate transfers, wills, and trusts. By witnessing the signing of these documents, notary publics help ensure that they are legally binding and enforceable.
  • Providing Legal Advice- We also provide legal advice or represent clients in legal proceedings.  We offer guidance on the notarization process and the requirements for different types of documents.

Why Notarizing Your Documents Is Crucial For Legal Protection?

Usually, this is indeed a legal process people must to follow to secure and legalize their documents. After notarizing, you can sue at any place as an authorized and acceptable document. You will get several other benefits;

  • Evidence of authenticity- It provides evidence that the signature of the document is genuine and that the person signing it is the person they claim to be. The notary public in Singapore verifies the identity of the singer and signs and seal the documents, providing assurance that the document is authentic.
  • Protection against fraud- It helps as additional layer of protection against fraud. By verifying the identity of the signer and ensuring that they understand the contents of the document, the notary can prevent fraud or misrepresentation.
  • Acceptance in court- Notarized document in Singapore can be accepted as evidence in the court, making more reliable and credible than non-notarized documents. This is because the notary is an impartial third-party who has verified the authenticity of the document and the identity of the signer.
  • International recognition- If you are legally involved in any international issues and you have certified notary document then you can other countries, which is especially important for legal and business transactions that involve parties in different countries.
  • Perpetual record- We provide you the best services of notarize documents in Singapore. That are recorded and preserved as permanent records, which can be used as evidence in the future if needed.


At Prasanna Devi, we provide services of notary public in Singapore, our notary is recognized by the government. We are legally allowed to do work in the notary process. Notary publics are responsible for verifying the authenticity of documents and identify of signers. We provide various services of notarize document in Singapore, that provides evidence of accuracy and protection against fraud, and are generally accepted as evidence in the court. If you are looking for the best notary public in Singapore, connect with us. We provide legal advice and identify the necessary document as well as help to assure that document is authentic.

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